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Today we’d like to introduce you to Kenneth L. Fowler Jr.

Fowler was born in a small town, Belle Glade, Fl. His interest in show biz started at a very young age. It started with a school field trip to see a Snow White production. He was mesmerized by the lights, sound, and special effects. He also fell in love with the art of dance and music. While in school, Fowler entered school dance and talent shows, performed with several dances and step troupes.

Since 2012, Kenneth Fowler, created an entertainment company, Loud Live Productions, an Entertaining, Unique, Immersive, Site-Specific Theatrical Experience company. (LLP) Student Youth Performing Arts Company is a new unique performing arts educational organization offering students from all areas of Palm Beach County training in music, drama, acting, and all areas of dance education. One of the most exclusive features taught to students is the unique, site-specific, immersive theatrical elements. As part of the LLP Youth Performing Arts Company, students receive weekly training and rare performance opportunities to showcase their specialized skills in the Arts.

He started creating and producing immersive theatre and site-specific shows with the help of friends and support from local dance studio owners. Some may know that it can be challenging and risky to fund a theatrical production show. Kenneth L Fowler Jr withdrew every dime from his savings to create his first and one of kind theatre show. From then on, with the support from the community and entertainment seekers, Fowler has found success and still creating and entertaining the world today. His goals are to build a bigger audience and to create shows that will bring people together. “With Unity, Love, and Support in the arts community… we will shine and be glorious!”

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